GETTING YOUR CHILD TO DO STUFF – A psychobabble-free look at what really motivates children
Tauranga, Monday 26th February 2018, 7pm – 9:30pm

All across the world, it seems we hear the cry of a universal parent saying “how do I get my child to…” (you fill in the blank). Does this sound like you? You’re not alone! It could be the drag of getting ready for school in the morning, bedtime battles, fussy eating, homework blues, picking up the toys (or not!), bath-time recalcitrance, allergy to chores…There are many motivational arrests that drive parents to question: Can I really get my child motivated? Am I missing something…?

Good news. Our understanding about human (and child) motivation has undergone a revolution. There is a huge amount we can do to help our children to mobilize. Not out of fear. Not for a pat on the head. Not for a ‘gold star’. But because they WANT to help you, because they WANT to learn, grow and be empowered. In this talk Robin Grille will support you to reclaim your power as a parent and discover the key to your child’s self motivation. He will take a deep look at how to unlock your child’s motivation and most importantly he will share ideas on how to have fun in the process. Bring your questions along to this event to make the most of engaging with Robin Grille and other parents in your community.


INNER CHILD JOURNEYS –  training with Robin Grille
Thames, Tuesday 27th February 2018 9:30 am – 5pm
Buddhaloka, Thames

A training day for parents, teachers and health practitioners – with Robin Grille

You may not know it, but your own life as a child is one of the strongest influences on how you parent (or teach) today.

Do you remember what it felt like to be a child? Are there some memories you’d rather forget? Some memories that bring you joy? The emotional paths you trod as a child hold a treasury of wisdom. Just to touch lightly upon the emotions of childhood can help you immensely to:

  • Understand your own child better, from the inside
  • Free you from repeating old inherited behaviour patterns
  • Intuit what your baby and child is asking for and know how to meet his/her emotional needs
  • Help your child to trust you and listen to you
  • Help your child to feel heard, seen and secure
  • Heal old emotional wounds and bring more joy to parenting and teaching
  • Deepen your sense of connection to others and to your community

In this workshop you will be shown ways to safely tap into the wisdom of your ‘inner child’, and gain much trust in your inner knowing about how to respond to your child. This process can be very freeing, empowering, healing for you and richly enhancing of your relationship with your child.

What you will gain from this training:
  • Understanding parenting or teaching as a pathway for your own healing and growth
  • Turning conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth
  • Transforming your perceptions about your children and about yourself
  • Deepening your insight and intuition about what motivates your children’s most baffling behaviors
  • Becoming both more effective and more compassionate as a guide for children
Workshop Aims: 
  • In this workshop you will learn how to undertake your own Inner Child Journeys whenever needed, drawing from your own deep body-memory of having been a child, in order to gain new and empowering insights about yourself and about your children.
  • You will also learn how to safely guide others through their own Inner Child Journeys.
  • Finally, you will discover how shared Inner Child Journeys can be a most powerful team-building experience, and a richly bonding and community-building ritual for the enhancement of parent-support groups, teaching staff or any other organization.
  • Bring Inner-Child-Aware dialogue to your existing group or organization, or start your own Inner-Child-Aware group!

    Behavioral boundaries: how to assert them without punishment, shaming or manipulation
    Thames, 7pm – 9:30pm Wednesday 28th February
    Grahamstown Community Hall
    768 Pollen St, Thames

    In this workshop we will look at how we can connect with our children and set strong boundaries without relying on punishment, shaming and rewards.

    • The transformative power of listening 
    • Why punishment is ineffective
    • Being effective and being assertive means being ‘real’
    • Learn appropriate expression of your (the parent’s or the teacher’s) needs and limits
    • Inviting your child’s empathy and respect, instead of fear and shame
    • The key ingredients of a deep connection with your child

    This presentation is for parents, grandparents, child health professionals, early childhood teachers and carers.