NVC People – Interview with Cath Burke | Parent Allies

‘NVC guides us in reframing how we express ourselves and hear others. Instead of habitual, automatic reactions, our words become conscious responses based firmly on awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling and wanting. We are led to express ourselves honestly and with clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathic attention. In any exchange, we come to hear…

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How to become a parent ally after a traumatic childhood

Becoming a Parent Ally after a traumatic childhood

We are so grateful to Rebecca C for sharing her story here with us. It comes with a trigger warning, descriptions of childhood trauma. Love and courage to you as you read her story.  The first time I remember disassociating from abuse I was eight years old.  I vividly remember where my brain took me, to a play kitchen I had…

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What do child rights look like in the family home?

The importance of the family There is no place more important or influential for a young person than their family. It is where they develop and grow, the base of physical and emotional wellbeing and where life-long relationships are forged. The family also presents a unique opportunity for young people to experience their human rights, as laid out in UN…

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Thirteen reasons not to smack


I find it astonishing that smacking children is still being debated in some countries. I live in a country where violence against children has been illegal to for many years – as illegal as it is to hurt your dog or beat your spouse. It’s astonishing as all the evidence points to the fact that smacking is ineffectual, leads to seriously…

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Parent Allies Guide to the Festive Season

The Parent Allies Guide to the Festive Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And stressed! And broke! And also, the season to sort of regress to your seven year old self at family gatherings! Fa la la la la-la la la la! Ah, I jest, I jest. We’ve got this. We so do. (Some minutes.) However. Just in case you need a little fortifying of your parenting…

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